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lundi, 02 18th

Last updateLun, 11 Mai 2015 2pm

Activites deja realisees

  • Launched BUNERELA+ and retreat on 16th 17th 2011 for 2 days.
  • Promoting approach SAVE in training of 15 trainers of trainers
  • Identification and registration of 92 members of BUNERELA+ 62 infected and 30 affected
  •  Presentation of the First proposal in Christian Aid and found the network.
  • We work in the unity five organizations during World AIDS Day BUNERELA+,CEPEBU, PEAB, WOI, ARM- (consucium HUMURA)
  • Sensibilization of 6 different Radios and 2 local broadcasting TV in advocacy
  • Sensibilization into 15 churches and Ministries :
  • Vivante Rohero Church, Methodiste Unie Church, Vivante Jabe Church, Anglicane Church, Roch Church, New Life Church, Free Methodiste, and same organization like RBP+ ACCORD Burundi.
  • Adocacy of high level we reached her excellente first Lady of Burundi, Rev Denise NKURUNZIZA.
  •  Recruitment of 2 units of human resources : National coordinator and Program Manager.
  • We have organized 2 meetings of Religious Leader and 2 meetings of board members staff and 1meetings of praying
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